About Inner Circle



The Inner Circle of Women Wealth Builders will create a loving and supportive member culture by helping women learn how to use money and financial resources to make sound investment decisions and thrive as wealth builders. We will accomplish our mission through continuous education, coaching, research and tools sharing, in addition to, nurturing consistent, active investing with a long-term outlook.



To become a dedicated platform that facilitates sound investment information, education and support, creating success and sustainability for investors. 


Initiate member investment participation and activity by sharing investment techniques and principles that helps individuals direct their investment dollars toward profitable products and assets.


Connect members with wealth building opportunities that foster portfolio growth, increase income and boost small business creation and investing.


Promote the positive impact of triple-bottom-line ventures and projects, as well as investing locally by recruiting, encouraging and highlighting local investment opportunities.


Provide a safe and comfortable environment for women to share and learn investment principles and strategies together.


Create financial freedom with wealth building opportunities for every level of investing. 

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