Your Defining Moments

Defining moments when you're tuned in, will change your life and launch you further faster into your destiny.

Recently, I spoke with a group in D.C. about some of my defining moments that connected me to 5 people who (I met in Atlanta) live in D.C. It was somewhat of a revelation for me as I began to connect the dots. As I looked into the audience, I could clearly see how our paths colliding has taking us all to unimaginable heights!


The society that we live in can make it hard to have the desire and dedication to do the necessary preparation work. We want things to happen overnight, because that's how success looks to us these days. We want a lucky break and can begin to be hard on ourselves when these breaks don't happen. This attitude can throw us off course and derail us from our purpose.

I remember a few years ago when I first began learning about social media and technology, I had an overwhelming desire to learn everything I could. I didn't quite understand why I was so emerged until months later when I was contacted to speak at TD Jakes - Woman Thou Art Loosed Conference. A large part of this being possible was through a contact that I was able to connect with via my social media footprint. I realized that at this conference magic was already pre-destined to happen, I just had to get in place! If I had been over thinking it or looking from my own eyes, I would have never learned about social media and would not have been in position to speak at such prestigious conference. Fast forward almost three years later to the day, I was in D.C. for a Think Realty conference that was being held in Baltimore that weekend.

As one of their inaugural real estate coaches, I get to travel the world with them doing what I love doing - sharing wealth building information. Again being found by my social media footprint.

Two lessons that I learned 1) preparation does meet opportunity and 2) you really do have to trust the process!


Many times we struggle because we aren't living on purpose, our lives are not aligned with God's plan. I shared with the audience that once I discovered my purpose, I stopped thinking! Imagine living a life that everything that you need come to you. In essence, this is what happens, you wake up committing your day and time to a greater good. A good that is bigger than you and one that you know you wouldn't be able to do without a higher power.

"Find a cause that is bigger than you. That's when you really prosper. - Dr. Cindy Trimm


In accepting my purpose, I realize that I give others permission and a sense of urgency to find and or accept theirs. In different ways, these 5 people (Durecia, Gerald, Gbenga, Racheal and Theresa) who I met along my journey, were put into my life to help teach me something about where I was going as well as for me to open a door for them.

In 2015, I met Durecia at the Women 2 Women conference in Atlanta, she and her team at The ABCD Company had been debating about a building and next steps for their business. Without ever meeting her before or knowing that this was something that they were discussing, I turned to her and said, "get the building." At that moment, I realized that I was being put in position to affirm and confirm others. In another setting, I was speaking at a conference for Dr. Cindy Trimm (who I had met at Woman Thou Art Loosed), where I was talking about monetizing your gifts and talents. Not knowing that Gbenga was in the audience and had been debating about how to tie his businesses together and move forward.

He wrote me a few months later thanking me for my words and sent me his website where he had launched GO Global, Inc. a business that is changing lives all over the world. I realized that had I not gone ahead of him to live my purpose, my disobedience could've caused thousands if not millions to not be reached!

It's quite humbling when you reflect on how we are all intertwined and our destinies depend on each other.

Share some of your Defining Moments.

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