Wholesaling For Fun(ds)

Wholesaling for Fun was just what the doctor ordered! This is a great way to get started in real estate and to realize that you are always a wholesaler. Be sure to watch the recording it was full of great information about the ins and out of the process.

Here were some of the questions:

1. Do you use a standard purchase contract for wholesaling? Yes, you can also google your state contract that will have all of the legal language in the there. Purchase/Sale Agreement. They are readily available.

2. How do you do a double closing? You contract with the seller, close on the property for say $50,000 then you sell it to the buyer for $60,000 the same day.

3. What type of attorney should you use? A investor friendly attorney, when you are interviewing ask "Do you work with investors? Do you do double closings? Do you handle contract assignments?" Also get referrals from other investors.

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