You Were Created For Such A Time As This!

It is quite humbling when we think about the fact that we were created. The word create means to make, design, sculpt. Everything about us was well thought out, situations that we would have to overcome were mapped out. Our family ties were predestined. God even knew that you would be adopted or that you would be abandoned. He knew that you would have emotional issues to overcome, or that you would be faced with a loss. The idea that someone cared about us long before we were born and formed us into His image and likeness for the needs of others. Now that is truly humbling.

Oftentimes I reflect at the thought of “at such a time as this.” Stop and think about that for a minute. Breathe through that thought. If you were created for purpose you were also created into purpose. Now breathe again.

At such a time as this in 2018, at such a time as this during the largest technology age, at such a time as this, where your ideas are needed. At such a time as this where your creativity matters. A time that you can create almost anything you see and anything you need. A time where your voice is needed. A time where you’re needed to speak life into someone, encourage or inspire someone. No one else can do it like you, because you were created for the task. You are an answer to a need, a solution to a problem, or maybe you are to bring about awareness or start a movement!

This is not the time to back down, to play it safe or to think small. It’s the time to be bold, to be fierce and fearless. You were created for this. You have everything you need. Your family is waiting, your church, your community, the world. Walk in it and don’t look back, you’re not going that way!

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