Building Wealth during Covid-19 Crisis (1-5)

I am reminded that building wealth during this crises has never been more important. Here are 5 tips to start evaluating, I will be sharing more:

Remember, "You build wealth one dollar, one decision at a time".

1. Every single dollar counts. During a crisis you absolutely must be conscience of every dollar you spend. Without knowing where your next dollar will come from or the feeling of uncertainty can send you in a tailspin. Get a handle on your pocket book for real this time, it is critical.

2. Make a budget. Yes it's time to go back to the basics and list what's coming in and manage what's going out. You know how I feel about a budget, even if it is on a napkin, just write it down preferably before you get the money in. Also, start charting how much you are saving by being in quarantine. This will guide a lot as you come out of this season.

3. Get some order. I work from home quite a bit but wasn't used to my son always being here and even for me the first couple of weeks, I was all over the place. Bringing about order really helped me to gain focus. Once I gain order around me, then I am better mentally prepared.

4. Do something for someone else. I find my circle to be very interesting, some people are doing very well and others are struggling. The issue with women is that most of the time you can't tell who's struggling for real and who's just pretending to keep it together. Because you may never know, I challenge you that if you are maintaining to do something for someone else that they can't repay you for. #covid19payitforward

5. Invest in yourself. During this season come out with something that you have produced or at least have gotten started with a definitive date of completing. Gaining a new skill, or just investing in yourself will go a long way.

Happy wealth building!



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